MINeSWEEP (Meet In Nova Scotia so We can Eat, Explore and Party) has come and gone, Iíll cut and paste some reports to the page when I get a chance, in the meantime, here are a few of the pics I took:

Elwood Lodge, first base camp for MINeSWEEP.

Bikes and the all too familiar red truck with the Triumph chopper.

Another shot of the bikes.

View of Black Duck Lake, site of Elwood Lodge

Another bike shot.

...and yet another angle.

Nova Scotia is no short trip, tends to drain the energy out of you.

A few of the lovely ladies relaxing at the lodge.

Netscum relaxing after a few days of riding.

The Banker wasnít at MINeSWEEP, but for some reason we couldnít help but think of him.

AH103 and son took the longest route to MINeSWEEP, over 9500 miles since leaving home.

Shot out the front door of the lodge...

...and one towards the back.

With two full baths in the lodge, Tailgunner still manages to find this tucker away in the woods....

...and then proceeds to put it to good use.

Miscellaneous shot for the grounds.

The Poser making sure all the windshields are clear for the days ride.

Group shot:
Bep, Len, Pauline, Stroker Ray, Sam Brown, Wildflower, The Poser, Bill Berg, Mrs. Poser, Nick, Jeff, Karen, Tom and Chris.

On Wednesday we had to take Bepís bike up to Truro so he could leave for Ottawa from Truro and not the cottage, cutting his trip from a 16 hour day to a 14 hour day.  This was the only time the bike was in the pickup for during the 1100mile event.

Shot of the campground at Seal Island in Cape Breton, itís at the bottom of that brown cliff.

Hittiní the Cabot Trail

Trouble on the Cabot Trail, but like all good friends, Bep grabs a beer from the cooler and starts dispensing the advice.

If you gotta breakdown, do it somewhere with good scenery.

The second jug reduction Iíve heard about from a Netscum this year.

Bep, displaying a complete lack of respect for the scenery, but when you gotta go...

Tailgunner learned to make sure youíre on the right side of the ladies when you wink at them, especially when youíre half assed.

Another pit stop along the Cabot Trail.

A few of the cloud we just came out of.

Lost in the picture, this was taken after running through some mud that got shot up from the fenderless front wheel.

Who needs to stop for gas when you can sneak it from your friends when they arenít looking, damn beemer riders.

Other peopleís MINeSWEEP pictures.

Lenís Pics
StrokerRayís Pics


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Campround at the base of the Cabot Trail, courtesy of Tailgunner

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