This is a collection of bikes that other people have taken pictures of at different events or that I nabbed from other sites. I donít know who owns them, I just know I like them.

For more info on this bike click here and look around, itís in there somewhere.

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These are a couple Triumph bobbers we saw and the Atlantic Vintage bike races. Bobbers seem to be making a bit of a comeback, nice to see, itís a pretty cool look IMO.

Check out the Triumph Choppersí Sludgetrap for a gallery of some home built choppers.


People and Bikes


I like this bike for a few reasons, a minor reason being that I like the 50ís hot rod color scheme. Iíll be using this on my bike when I get to it, the flat black with red rims and white walls is pretty sweet. Secondly, I like the new Japanese style choppers with the goose-neck frame and long, low profile. The top of the front wheel is almost as high as the top of the tank.  Iíd love to make something like this someday. It wouldnít take much to get me to trade my Triumph for just a rolling chassis like this one, although Iíd probably still have to put some money into the trade to make it realistic.

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