Spring 2004 Freshening Up

Not much was done to the bike in the spring to get ready for the next season, besides the regular maintenance. One thing I did do was to fix the header, although not a permanent fix.  During the trip to Vermont last season the exhaust manifold came loose from the head. The threads are pretty shot and I mananged to get home by tying the exhuast to the head using a coat hanger.

Ideally Iíll get the manifolds welded to the head, but for now I just wanted something a little less unsightly than the coat hanger. My temporary fix involved drilling a small hole in on of the fins on the head and then a hole in one of the fins on the clamp that holds the pipe to the manifold and then attaching a spring to both holes. I holds the manifold in place pretty good but becuase itís not threaded in properly Iíve got a bit of an exhaust leak. So like I said, ideally Iíll just have the manifolds welded to the head.

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