Vermort 11

8:00am Friday, packed up and starting the bikes.


Breakdown #2, bike was backfiring and bogging down, loos connector on the coil.

Finally after 12 and half hours we reached Vermont, time for a beer.  Traci brought her own table.

Nice Shovel at the hot rod show.

Poserís panhead choppa.

The Banker in the background, pulling up on Moosekiller.

Ghost, Barnicle Bill (sitting), LESDL and Effie.

Kathie, The Banker and Ken (trying to figure out how the mouse works). sfsf

Ghostís bike (and Nick finishing up).

LESDLís Bike (I think).

I wasnít able to figure out how the white bench served as a Port o let, so I used the other facilities.

Folks milling about before breakfast.

Bepís all ready to go, although the lack of coat hanger and sock make it look a bit like a poser bike.

Kenís Vermort Pics

Ride Reports


Breakdown #1, bike would bog down at high RPMs

Somebody has to do the work while I take the picture. :-)

Saturday morning, exhaust port threads are stripped so we secured the header with a coat hanger.

Time for a little work on Traciís shovel.

I think Bear was wondering if Traci is gonna notice the green slime on the table.

Billg, The Poser, Traci and Don.

Ghost, Barnacle Bill, Schmoe and Risa (Mrs. Schmoe)

Is this Donís bike?  I canít recall.

At a combined age of 68, the old Truimphs made it to Kenís under their own power. WOOHOO!

Jeff was missed, but at least one of his bikes made it.

Sunday morning and weíre off to Libbyís for breakfast.

Folks milling about before breakfast.

Bepís navigational skills could use a little work, this canít be the best route through upstate NY.

After 3 hours of road side trouble shooting, weíre back where we started.

Breakdown #3, more backfiring and bogging down, this time it was a broken lead on the condensor

Another shot of the coat hanger.

Bearís bike I believe.

Andriod, Effie and Traci.

The Poser getting a lift to the beer store from Traci.

Don, Effie, Homebrew, Andriod and Bear.

The Poserís Panhead. (Oh, and I think Nickís getting dressed back there)

LESDL and his Road King.

The Poser rode his chopper all the way to the back yard from the trailer out front.

Milling about the Libbyís parking lot.

Folks milling about before breakfast. (Nice ass shot, click here for a closeup) sfsf

Missing frame bolts, yikes!

Eventually we pulled the carb, replaced the main jet, and all was good.  Back on the road @ 12:40pm.

Weíll call this a delay and not a breakdown, the wire off the horn came loose (shown attached).

Poser, Bill, Traci and Bep enjoying a beer at the hot rod show.

Tailguner rode in on a loaner from Jeff, not a bad way to travel.

The Poser, Billg and Android.

Bikes in the backyard.

Tailgunner and Len.

Bear, and bike.

BillGís bike (I think).

The Banker, LESDL and The Poser.

Time for the group photo: Homebrew, Andriod, Effie, Pauline, Len, Aitch, The Poser (sitting), Bep, Tailgunner (sitting), Bear, Mrs. LESDL, Don (sitting), Billg, LESDL, Traci, Ghost (sitting), Schmoe, Risa, Kathi, The Banker (sitting), Ken, Tud.

Ready to head back to Ottawa.  I lost my oil tank cap on the way to Libbyís, so I tied a sock around the tank to keep it from splashing.